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One hundred years ago today, the heir to the Austro-Hungarian imperial throne was assassinated with his bride in an open car in Sarajevo.  And the world began to burn. World War I (then called “The Great War”) killed 16 million men and women, but it represented the death of the old world.  That order, born [...]

Catholic Online

by Deal Hudson WASHINGTON, DC (Catholic Online) – After my column arguing that “cultural conservatism” should supplant social conservatism, the man whom I regard as the most important Catholic layman in the nation emailed to say, Agreed.the social speaks to institutions; the culture to norms and values. It’s the latter that molds the former. Another [...]

In what could well be enough to make Wendy Davis’s head pop, a new Quinnipiac poll finds that 60 percent of women support the sort of abortion ban after 20 weeks (or five months) of pregnancy just enacted in Texas. Contemporaneous polls from ABC News-Washington Post and The National Journal find similar results. This is [...]

The Supreme Court’s ruling today striking down pre-clearance under the Voting Rights Act of 1965 isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  In the words of the Washington Examiner story describing the decision, “The court ruling leaves the preclearance tools in place, but eliminates the formula Congress used to decide who had to go through the special [...]

Post image for Making Atlanta the Silicon Valley of Breakthrough Cures

by Gilbert F. Amelio and Rod D. Martin | America’s Founders sought to unleash the creative energies of every citizen, not just the privileged few.  They created a system designed to encourage and protect commerce and innovation; and indeed, many of them were entrepreneurs and inventors themselves. Alexis de Tocqueville described the new nation essentially as [...]

Jewish World Review

Israel’s case against a UN-sanctioned Palestinian independence isn’t wrong. The initiative all but scuttles the Oslo peace process and, newly reinforced by a Muslim Brotherhood-dominated Egypt, very likely scuttles Camp David as well. It is not a two-state, but a one-state solution the Palestinians have in their sights. Doubters need only listen to Palestinian Authority [...]


I have not entitled this op-ed “What the Election Meant”.  That might be a bit grandiose for the day after.  But November 6, 2012 definitely taught us some things we must not ignore. First and possibly foremost, stuff happens. In this case it was a hurricane.  Sandy kept Mitt Romney off TV for five crucial [...]

The Golden Age Upon Us

by Rod D. Martin on 4 November 2012

The following is the op-ed I had ready to go in case of a Romney win.  The problem with that statement, of course, is that “in case of” meant “when”, as, like nearly everyone on our side, I was pretty darn certain of victory.  So we intended for this to run on Election Day or [...]


At first blush, Chief Justice John Robert’s defection to the Dark Side on Obamacare looks every bit the tragic treason of Anakin Skywalker:  the end of health care as we know it, and perhaps the end of the Republic. But as conservatives take a deep breath and consider, they may realize the Chief just handed [...]

Newt Gingrich may have unnerved Mitt Romney by saying “Palestinian” is “an invented nationality”.  But he spoke the truth. “Palestine” (from the Greek for Philistine, the deadly enemies of ancient Israel) was a creation of the World War I Allies after they severed it from the Ottoman Empire, or Turkey.  It was largely empty, and [...]

America Is Not An Empire

by Rod D. Martin on 22 October 2011

The left and the libertarian portion of the right (a moniker they would strongly contest) agree on several things, but among the most significant is this:  that America has become an empire. Not all who espouse this position, of course, think that it is a bad thing.  The brilliant Niall Ferguson actively argues for it, [...]

Daily Caller

The downgrade is a deep humiliation for the United States.  But it’s a debacle for the Democratic Party.  They just haven’t yet realized why. This just became the Suze Orman election. You know Suze Orman.  She’s that nice, perky lady on CNBC.  The one who likes leather and writes all those personal finance books on [...]

The Daily Caller

The passage of “Cut, Cap and Balance” in the House of Representatives is a game-changer. It is also the ground on which the GOP must stand, fight and win, especially now that a July 18-21 CNN poll shows that two-thirds of Americans support the House’s approach. Cut, Cap and Balance allows the debt limit to [...]


I don’t have a candidate yet. But I have a field. The legacy media – the folks who in 2008 gloated openly about being “in the tank for Obama” while their viewers and readers melted away before our eyes – tells us that the Republican presidential field is horribly weak, unknown, uninspiring. Already, I hear [...]