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I am a boundless, if realistic, optimist. What do I mean by that? First, I am certainly not a pessimist. To be a pessimist requires rejecting the sovereignty of God, His promises to work all things together for the good of those who love Him, and His loving, intensely personal fatherhood toward those redeemed and [...]

One hundred years ago today, the heir to the Austro-Hungarian imperial throne was assassinated with his bride in an open car in Sarajevo.  And the world began to burn. World War I (then called “The Great War”) killed 16 million men and women, but it represented the death of the old world.  That order, born [...]

In what could well be enough to make Wendy Davis’s head pop, a new Quinnipiac poll finds that 60 percent of women support the sort of abortion ban after 20 weeks (or five months) of pregnancy just enacted in Texas. Contemporaneous polls from ABC News-Washington Post and The National Journal find similar results. This is [...]

The Supreme Court’s ruling today striking down pre-clearance under the Voting Rights Act of 1965 isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  In the words of the Washington Examiner story describing the decision, “The court ruling leaves the preclearance tools in place, but eliminates the formula Congress used to decide who had to go through the special [...]

Daily Caller

This week, the new Pope gave his first major speech on economics to a group of foreign ambassadors to the Vatican.  In it, he demanded more government control over the economy, decried the gap between rich and poor, and called on the world’s leaders to end “the tyranny of money.” This is most unfortunate, not [...]

Dr. Thom Rainer writes a piece this morning entitled “The Unspoken Tension Between (Some) Pastors and (Some) Laity”. It points out some of the growing problems between the two groups, and provides solid pastoral counsel about how to deal with a growing illness that needs to be stopped if not cured. Nevertheless, I believe Dr. Rainer’s post misses two bigger icebergs crashing into our churches, their point of contact centered clearly at the pulpit.

I have not entitled this op-ed “What the Election Meant”.  That might be a bit grandiose for the day after.  But November 6, 2012 definitely taught us some things we must not ignore. First and possibly foremost, stuff happens. In this case it was a hurricane.  Sandy kept Mitt Romney off TV for five crucial [...]

The revolution Paul Pressler and Paige Patterson wrought reached its culmination last week, in the (ever-so-quiet) changing of Baptists’ name.  We are “Great Commission Baptists” now. If you didn’t get the memo, don’t be surprised.  A name-change was not popular with many Baptists, holding tightly to tradition as people are prone to do, and to [...]

Doug Wilson Is Wrong

by Rod D. Martin on 17 April 2012

Pastor Doug Wilson, a not-insignificant leader in the Reformed community, counsels his followers to sit out Election 2012, because Mitt Romney doesn’t live up to his standards. Well, I can’t think of many of my standards Mitt meets either.  But Doug is wrong, and dangerously so. The argument (this year and every other year of [...]

The Examiner

Technological change is accelerating at an accelerating rate. It’s hard for even the greatest technologists to keep up, much less analyze the societal implications of their work. So where are we headed? Here are four of the trends you most need to watch. » Adult stem cells: While all media and political attention seems focused [...]

Human Events

They were America’s forerunners, our Pilgrim and Puritan fathers who championed majority rule, unalienable rights, and rule of law over divine right of kings. They were the ministers and the tradespeople, the lawyers and the doctors, people from every walk of life who dared to declare, fight for, and win their independence from the mighty [...]

“Is your state next?” – NARAL email after passage of the South Dakota abortion ban They lost the Congress in 1994. They lost the presidency in 2000 and failed to recapture it in 2004. They watched helplessly as President George W. Bush reinstituted Ronald Reagan’s Mexico City policy defunding international abortion providers; ended federal abortion [...]

“Christmas? Bah, humbug.” – Scrooge, in Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol Scrooge may have been a fictional character in a 19th-century Dickens novel; but did you ever imagine Scrooge’s ghost could haunt the ACLU, People for the American Way, and America’s other citadels of radical secularism in the way it does this year? Just dare [...]

The Germans call it schadenfreude, the delight some people feel when a disliked person gets his comeuppance. And more than a few Americans experienced just that last month as France convulsed in riots. For decades, France’s elite, combining disdain with glee, castigated America on everything from Vietnam to Iraq, from race relations to inner-city poverty, from [...]