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I visited a friend’s church this Sunday morning. One of the songs we sang posited that “Christ is everything I need,” and went on to say that, having met Jesus, nothing else in this life could ever satisfy me. I thought about that for a second. And I realized it isn’t true. The truth is, [...]

Personally, I like Rick Perry a lot, I suspect his hands are being tied by Federal agencies beyond his control, and I think responsibility for the following lies with Barack Obama, possibly in its entirety, certainly far more than with Rick Perry. However, our guest author, my old friend Steve Thrasher — entrepreneur, engineer and [...]

Technology is not so much “tech” in the sense people think of it, as the putting together of the giant puzzle of the world.  Sand was here before anyone knew you could make it into glass, or lenses, or semiconductor chips, or beach resorts.  But God knew from before the Creation.  Technology is thinking God’s [...]

You have to have a photo ID to get cough syrup, but we are supposed to believe that requiring one to vote is racist. Eric Holder has peddled a message of disenfranchisement and estrangement for ugly partisan purpose, and sadly, he has helped make that message a self-fulfilling prophesy. This piece is by two friends [...]

Nicholas Stehle is Vice President for Operations at The Martin Organization. He used to run IT for a billion dollar company. We run an exclusively Mac shop, so he’s clearly the go-to guy on all things Apple. AS A “MAC GUY”, MANY have asked me about the iPhone 6/6 Plus. Since I’ve found myself typing [...]

A Drudge Report main headline, a profile in a major lefty journal, all about my friend Ted Cruz. National Journal profiles the Texas Senator’s prospects through the lens of foreign policy.  And well they should:  a smart foreign policy would absolutely set Sen Ted Cruz apart from his rivals and opponents. Obama’s catastrophic drift has emboldened the [...]

George Muller: Real Faith

by Rod D. Martin on 27 September 2014

It’s the birthday of George Muller. He took on the physical and spiritual care of thousands of orphans in England. He lived a real faith, refusing a salary and depending entirely on Christ’s provision of unsolicited donations for the needs of the orphanages and their staff. That faith, and that provision, is available to all who [...]

Capitalism is Clean(er)

by Rod D. Martin on 25 September 2014

Statist nations feel no sense of obligation to their citizens. In a free market system, serving the interests of others (what in the Bible is called “the golden rule”) furthers one’s own self interest. But a communist state takes away all such incentive (and ability). State-run agencies leave poisoned and desolate land, because they are [...]

One reason really.  If he admits al Qaeda / ISIS are religious, and that their acts are in pursuit of their beliefs, he’ll have to admit that there is a qualitative difference between Billy Graham and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Telling that glaring truth is more than the liberal worldview and narrative can bear. If you [...]

So Obama is moving to “crack down” on tax inversions, which is nothing if not one of the monstrously self-defeating laws passed by the looters in Atlas Shrugged. There are two real scandals here, and neither of them have to do with tax avoidance. 1. Companies are leaving what has always been the greatest country [...]

Atmospheric CO2

by Rod D. Martin on 23 September 2014

Did you know? During the 16 years in which there has been absolutely no global warming (according to NASA and other warmists), humanity pumped into the atmosphere over 25% of all the CO2 we’ve released in all of history. Sound off? It shouldn’t: most of it came from China and India, whose economies have mushroomed [...]

One of my favorite quotes comes from Benjamin Franklin: “We must all hang together, or we shall surely hang separately.” The Cooperative Program brings together the resources of God’s people from all across America and exponentially increases the impact of each individual SBC church and church member. I personally urge SBC pastors everywhere to prayerfully consider [...]

I have said repeatedly that I have an open mind on the issues pertaining to Global Warming:  my problem is with the blatant dishonesty of AGW proponents and their not-hidden socialist agenda. So along comes Steven E. Koonin in The Wall Street Journal‘s Saturday Essay.  Koonin is no “crazed right-wing climate denier.”  Quite the contrary. [...]

While freedom encourages an incredible and flourishing diversity, multiculturalism is just the flip side of class warfare: encouraging an informal apartheid (what an earlier generation of Democrats applauded as “Jim Crow”), dividing people into aggrieved “victim groups” who, by uniting against alleged oppressors, can be led to concentrate power in the state and put the [...]