Rod D. Martin

Very seriously: if Barack Obama is no longer interested in enforcing immigration laws, privacy laws, or even parts of the Obamacare law…why is he so interested in enforcing grazing laws? And if our government is only going to arbitrarily enforce “laws”, are they really laws anymore? I mean, seriously: why shouldn’t we ignore any laws [...]

Obama’s Race War

by Rod D. Martin on 8 April 2014

In the new issue of New York magazine, Jonathan Chait marvels at the “unanticipated” racial divisions Obama has provoked. Seriously. Chait acknowledges how this plays out: liberals surreally claim every conservative complaint against Obama’s agenda is motivated by the President’s race — because obviously no conservative was ever opposed to leftwing politics prior to 2009 [...]

The AP reports today that Hillary Clinton says excessive partisanship flowing through the nation’s political system is causing the U.S. to march “backwards instead of forward.” Millions will agree.  But should they? No. Because the “partisanship” Hillary decries — just like the partisanship decried by every politician who decries partisanship — is really just disagreement with [...]


Auteur filmmaker Darren Aronofsky may well have produced his masterpiece in Noah, a cinematic and – astonishingly, for a self-proclaimed unbeliever – theological tour de force. But it’s not for everyone.  Definitely not.  As in, repeat after me three times:  “It’s an art film.  It’s an art film.  It’s an art film.”  And if your [...]

Japan announced today that it would turn over to the United States a large cache of weapons-grade plutonium and highly-enriched uranium.  The New York Times described the decades-old research stockpile as “large enough to build dozens of nuclear weapons.” Needless to say, the Times puts the best possible face on this, lauding it as “the [...]

Our staff just re-watched Dr. W.A. Criswell’s sermon, “Whether We Live Or Die”, which he preached on the last night of the Pastors Conference at the 1985 Southern Baptist Convention in Dallas, Texas.  It is surely one of the most important sermons of modern history, and unquestionably the turning point in the Conservative Resurgence in [...]

General Joseph Martin

by Rod D. Martin on 15 March 2014

There, just east of Cumberland Gap, Joseph Martin built the fort called Martin’s Station. It was 100 wilderness miles by foot from the last town in Virginia, and 100 miles further by foot to what would later become Boonesboro. It was the westernmost English settlement when it was built, later the halfway house between Virginia and Kentucky, the lone base camp and defensive position on a very long journey. The Cherokee burned it down, forcing Martin to rebuild it. But over the next generation, this oasis and refuge anchoring Walker and Boone’s Wilderness Road would see ten percent of America’s entire population – roughly 300,000 intrepid men, women and children – pass through the shelter and sustenance of its gates, the last outpost of civilization on their way to settling the young nation’s first frontier.

I wrote this email to my good friend Deal Hudson in response to his outstanding op-ed at this morning entitled “Why Social Conservatives Should Become Cultural Conservatives”.  This is far from a comprehensive response:  I simply immediately saw and applied his point.  You can see his response here. — Rod Deal, You just rang [...]

My good friend Deal Hudson published this today at  It’s outstanding.  You should read the original, but I’ve posted it here just in case the link ever goes bad.  Read my response here. ============== Why Social Conservatives Should Become Cultural Conservatives by Deal Hudson March 7, 2014 WASHINGTON,DC (Catholic Online) – At the [...]

Go See “Son of God”

by Rod D. Martin on 24 February 2014

Who knew Mark Burnett — creator of Survivor, The Apprentice and seemingly half of everything else on TV — was a Christian? Well, he is.  Last year, he and his wife Roma Downey brought you The Bible, the History Channel’s all-time highest rated miniseries, with over 100 million cumulative views.  Burnett and Downey said their [...]

My research assistant Heather Denigan just wrote a short but spot-on piece on her blog about the so-called “War on Women.”  Please read it and pass it along. =========== War on Women? by Heather Denigan Feb. 19, 2014 I live in the best possible time and country to be a woman. I drove myself to [...]

Recently PayPal CEO David Marcus wrote an email to his staff that has spread far beyond San Jose, resulting (at least) in two Venture Beat stories and today an editorial at Fox Business.  The gist of it is that a bunch of PayPal employees were seen out and about forgetting their PayPal passwords, failing to use a PayPal mobile [...]

Our libertarian friends frequently take an “anything goes” approach to public morality, asserting that it is not the state’s business what an individual chooses to do, particularly so long as it does not directly infringe on someone else’s rights. I generally agree with this.  But America’s Founders did not seek to establish an “anything goes” [...]

Chickens, roost. How a mind as fine as Karl Rove’s could have ever thought it a good idea to declare war on the Tea Party, I’ll never grasp. While in many cases newcomers to activism, Tea Partiers are the heart and soul of the Republican Party, and perhaps even more important, the majority of that [...]