Rod D. Martin

While freedom encourages an incredible and flourishing diversity, multiculturalism is just the flip side of class warfare: encouraging an informal apartheid (what an earlier generation of Democrats applauded as “Jim Crow”), dividing people into aggrieved “victim groups” who, by uniting against alleged oppressors, can be led to concentrate power in the state and put the [...]

Congratulations to Boeing and SpaceX for winning the biggest prize yet on the new frontier:  NASA’s Commercial Crew contract to provide what the media is calling “space taxi” service between Earth and the International Space Station (and other low Earth orbit, or LEO, destinations such as the planned Bigelow Aerospace space station). It’s not that [...]

SBC President Ronnie Floyd continues to call us to a new Great Awakening, and here’s something concrete we can all do:  join Baptist Collegiate Ministries in Engage24. This is a call to everyone, but it’s a great opportunity for students in particular, to show the way for older church members who may not have the [...]

Make no mistake: September 11, 2001 was a moment of moral clarity that issued a wakeup call that America and Americans have answered and have continued to answer. Feeling the Pain of the Falling Man of September 11th by Frank Salvato New Media Journal 10 September 2014 This article was originally published in a number [...]

Whether Ms. Trierweiler’s account is overdramatized or not, well, duh. Socialism isn’t about helping poor people. It’s about re-creating the sort of aristocracy that was swept away by republics and free markets beginning in 1776. France: Socialist President Hollande ‘Hates the Poor’ Says Ex Valerie Trierweiler by Umberto Bacchi International Business Times 3 September 2014 [...]

The more we delve into the deep intricacies of the world, the more human creativity increases. The more we learn about life, the more we get to work with our biology for better health. “It is the glory of God to conceal a matter and the glory of kings to search it out.” It’s truly [...]

China is serious about space, and about depriving the United States of access to it.  Meanwhile, Obama talks about reaching goals in the 2030s, about NASA’s chief priority being “Muslim outreach” and about his golf game.  This is no way to run a railroad. Senior U.S. Official Insists China Tested ASAT Weapon by Mike Gruss [...]

Another excellent guest piece from my friend and SBC President Ronnie Floyd. Collegiate Students: Can We Reach, Baptize, and Disciple Them? by Ronnie Floyd 18 August 2014 There are an estimated 22 million college students in the United States. The ethnicities of the world dwell on our college campuses. Few places in America have greater [...]

This is a big weekend for historic births and essential Americans. On this day in 1807, an American farm boy named Robert Fulton changed the world as thoroughly as the Wright Brothers would a century later by sailing, nay steaming his Clermont (aka North River) from Greenwich Village to Albany and back again. Bystanders were [...]

Imagine: an injection that can cure…heart failure? If successful, it’s a revolution: almost 600,000 lives could be saved every year in the United States alone. This is what my friend (and former Reagan and Bush Director of Policy Planning) Jim Pinkerton calls “The Cure Strategy“:  applying a Silicon Valley-like approach to eliminating the things that [...]

Is Thinking Obsolete?

by Rod D. Martin on 6 August 2014

“In an age when scientists are creating artificial intelligence, too many of our educational institutions seem to be creating artificial stupidity.” Is Thinking Obsolete? by Thomas Sowell 5 August 2014 Some have said that we are living in a post-industrial era, while others have said that we are living in a post-racial era. But [...]

A prophetic message from my friend Ronnie Floyd. Urgent: Southern Baptists Must Begin to Reach, Baptize, and Disciple Young Adults 18-29 by Ronnie Floyd 4 August 2014 I am burdened by the fact that 80% of our 46,125 Southern Baptist Churches reported reaching and baptizing only 0-1 young adults according to the recent Pastors’ Task [...]

You read that right:  yet another sci-fi standby becomes reality.  (And if you never thought about it, surely you realize your iPhone is a tricorder, and your iPad is one of the “pads” from Star Trek: The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine.) This is a huge step in a necessary direction.  Anyone who has [...]

Do we have a culture that embraces young people? In many ways, No — beginning with the legalized killing of babies in the womb: one out of every three members of my generation and the generation of my children was murdered before they could be born. My research director worked as a grocery cashier in [...]